What is Alleged Debt?

The amount or balance a bank, creditor, or collector claims a debtor (you) owes, which an educated debtor (you) believes is either not the correct amount or not the correct credit contract compliant amount.

What is Robo-signing?

Robo-signing is a deceptive practice used by banks and mortgage servicer agents. The deceptive practice was discovered when banks and mortgage servicers tried to foreclose on homeowners. Apparently, the banks and servicers did not have the required documentation to foreclose, such as affidavits and assignments. The banks chose to resolve that problem by paying outside companies to simply generate the missing documents out of thin air, using the same employee to sign the fabricated documents repeatedly without having actually performed the acts as represented when signed. Thus, robo-signing was born. Unfortunately, most homeowners lost their homes anyway because the courts were not accepting their arguments as a defense to the foreclosure action.

What is the Robo-testimony?

Robo-testimony is a deceptive practice where banks and creditors provide a witness that has no actual personal knowledge about the event that they are testifying about, often they are merely parroting what someone else told them to say.

Banks Are Not That Bad, Are They?

The U.S. Congress Believes Some Are.
Congress had to enact special laws to protect consumers against some banks that were acting unlawfully . These laws include, but are not limited to the Federal Truth in Lending Act, the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act, the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, etc. Individual States have also enacted additional legislation to curb the abuses such as Colorado with its Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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