About The Lawyer Referral Network

The Lawyer Referral Network is a Bar compliant lawyer referral service whose referral agents are licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Our mission is to provide education to consumers on their rights as they pertain to legal matters. In the event that a consumer desires to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney in a particular area of law from our panel of attorneys, we strive to refer that consumer to the attorney of their choice.

Consumers are unfairly paying their hard earned income to creditors

It’s a little known fact that contractual terms with your creditors and even collections practices may not comply with current laws. In addition, creditors make errors on consumer accounts at an alarming rate. These are legal issues that few consumers are aware of and therefore end up over-paying on debt and loans that they may not be obligated to pay.  The good news is that when a creditor is found to be in violation of consumer protection laws or contract laws their debts may be significantly reduced, or even eliminated.


Another little known fact is that most companies speaking to consumers about resolving their debt issues do not use lawyers. They propose to resolve a legal situation without offering lawyers and thus provide no legal protection for the consumer or accountability for legal matters they may be facing.


The Lawyer Referral Network provides a reliable alternative to these alleged debt resolution companies. We educate consumers on their rights in dealing with legal situations and why and when it may be in their best interest to retain a lawyer. Most companies who solicit consumers do not address the legal aspect when trying to find a resolution to get out of debt or legal matters they may be dealing with. Thus, continually putting consumers into precarious legal situations that typically result in judgments, garnishments or long lasting legal consequences. We also assist consumers who by their own volition are seeking a lawyer, to find one who is qualified to help them with their legal issues inclusive of consumer protection.


Most consumers believe they cannot afford the services of a qualified lawyer, therefore we provide them with an option to retain a lawyer while staying within their monthly budget. Lawyer Referral Network has a process that is geared towards compliance and more importantly the consumers benefit. All phone calls are handled by licensed professionals accountable for what they say. At some point you may have the opportunity to speak with the compliance and underwriting department whom will verify that the agent you spoke with explained everything in detail and accurately. Subsequent to the completion of that call you may then speak to the lawyer of your choice from our panel for a free consultation and receive a legal explanation by the attorney as to how best to address your legal matter.

If you have a legal matter such as debts you cannot repay, or any legal issues pertaining to the areas of law listed and you want assistance from a trusted professional, let us help you.

We believe that no one should be denied their rights under the law because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Payment plans are available to help consumers get legal representation and help they need.

Referral Agent Licensing

Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

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