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Creditors use a legal process to collect a debt from consumers, it stands to reason you should use a legal defense to respond. Learn from our website about common consumer abuses in the banking, lending, credit card and collections industries to see how you can fight back, reduce your debts, even eliminate them with affordable representation.

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Bank Fraud and Abuse

Bank Violations and Your Rights

Many banks operate ethically. Unfortunately, other banks have engaged in unfair and even predatory lending practices that have impacted tens of thousands of Americans. This has resulted in millions being in debt, and dealing with debt is a legal issue. Learn about common bank abuses and how consumer defense lawyers have been protecting them, saving money, even eliminating their debts.

Credit Card Company Abuse

Credit Card Violations and Your Rights

Are you a victim of Credit Card issuer abuse or fraud? Every year Tens of thousands of people are taken advantage of by credit card companies and they don't even know it. Protect yourself by understanding their abusive tactics and your legal rights.

Stop Illegal Collection Practices

Collections Harassment and Your Rights

Consumers in debt deal with collector harassment tactics. You have rights and they must be followed or the creditor may lose their claim to collecting on that debt. Learn about your rights and how to put an end to collections harassment, fast and legally.

Education and Representation is Your Best Defense

Have You Been Overcharged?

Consumers in debt are often faced with a daunting task of dealing with the legal departments of their creditors. They have a right to attempt to collect on a debt, but you have rights as well that MUST be followed. Learn how consumers have defended themselves with education and representation.

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Customer Testimonials

I was in a real big hole when I started. Now I am fine. They helped me.
They were courteous and helpful. The legal assistant called me once a month for updates and was very pleasant.

F. Silpoch

I was working and helping family members when I had a slight stroke leaving me disabled. After speaking with 2 or 3 people I decided to go with your firm which threw me a life line. With over 25k of credit card debt getting dismissed they threw me an extra life line, they did what they said they would do. I am very impressed. They did an excellent job.

H. Cuningham

By entering into this service I decreased my monthly expenses by $300.00. I was protected by an attorney and kept informed regularly by the legal staff where I learned all about my legal rights as a consumer. One of the biggest headaches was abusive collection practices from the creditors: because of their excellent service and expertise I was actually awarded a fee for damages under the ``FCBA`` Fair Credit Billing Act for a collection letter I received during the process. I would highly recommend there services to anyone struggling to keep up or pay down there unsecured debt.

J. Pridgen