There are more consumer laws for credit card debt than any other type of debt in this country and here is why:

Congress has passed more laws to protect consumers with credit card debt than any other type of debt. Congress has taken these actions due to egregious fees and A.P.R’s charged daily and the predatory lending practices that go on from day to day in the banking industry. After years of legal experience challenging banks and collection agencies, the attorneys have learned a lot from the banks and carefully analyzed their tactics. This required a complete shift in their thinking. They realized that lowering interest rates and maintaining high payments did not work, settling accounts with the creditors with no legal protection simply didn’t work, and paying enormous sums to “settle debt” is just paying too much. Knowing what the consumer wants to come out of these legal situations for the benefit of a true realistic resolution, they implemented proactive legal strategies by utilizing the many laws that are on a consumer’s side, and just as banks are quick to hold a consumer to what is in the purview of a contract with little regard to life or personal situations, the lawyers extended the same relationship to the banks, holding them accountable to laws passed to prevent predatory lending, harassment, etc. and thus coming to a legal solution that covers the many aspects of liability when resolving unsecured debt issues.