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We Can Show You Solutions That Save You Money, Not Spend it

There is a cottage industry of consumer protection lawyers who have been having good success getting credit card debt dismissed and reduced.

Companies may not have everything required to sue you and get a judgement because of your unpaid debt. There is a lot more to it than that, but that’s detail you can discuss with one of our consumer protection lawyers.

If you are deep in debt, then you need to call us today so we can refer you to an experienced lawyer capable of representing you and in some cases get your debt dismissed.

The fact is, if our lawyers are unable to help you,
how can a non-regulated, non-legal company offering “Debt Relief” help you?

Our Lawyers Will Achieve Success for YOU.

male consumer lawyer Our lawyers are experts in consumer law and helping you understand YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS when it comes to credit card debt. Get proven results with a Lawyer on your side today!

Stressing Over Legal Fees Should Be Your Last Concern.

Call now to learn how a lawyer can help regardless of your financial situation, credit score and without  incurring additional debt or monthly expenses.

One-on-one support. Let us show you:

  • How to hire a lawyer without additional debt or increase in monthly expenses.
  • How decisive action and a lawyer may solve your credit card debt today.
  • How much you can reduce your debt by.
  • How using a consumer protection lawyer is affordable for just about anyone.
  • Why lenders and debt collectors use lawyers and so should you.
  • If it may be possible to dismiss your credit card debt.

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Credit Card Companies Use Lawyers
So Should You

Discover your legal rights and solutions to credit card debts with a private, compassionate phone call at absolutely no cost or obligation.

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Our Satisfied Customers

I don't even know how to say this any other way than, talk to these folks. I was totally stressed out with credit card debt. I thought using a Lawyer meant expensive and going to court and stuff. It was just the opposite. The LRN made it affordable and less than other debt relief programs, but even better is that I felt confident because these guys are board certified pros. They knew what to do and helped me end this silly cycle of debt I got into. If you need a way out, just call them and I believe you'll experience what I am trying to tell you. Get a pro!

Stephanie Powers

I had nearly 59k in credit card debts. I was getting hounded night and day by creditors. I tried to use a debt relief company and soon realized they couldn't really do anything I couldn't do on my own. I turned to The LRN who ultimately helped me get real legal representation that had the power to take action. My debts were significantly reduced and I am back to being financially stable... and more importantly, sleeping well again.

R. Nafari

The LRN was so polite and professional in evaluating my situation. I was concerned about using a lawyer, but now that I have I realize my fears were unfounded. Eventually I felt empowered and they delivered the results I needed. NO MORE DEBT!

Janik Stevens