There is a cottage industry of consumer protection lawyers who have been having good success challenging debt buyers, collection agencies and credit companies about the amount of money they claim they are owed.  Many of these creditors are unable to back up their claims and are get credit card debt reduced and dismissed.  Taking action today may solve your credit card debt problems.

Our lawyers are experts in consumer law and helping you understand YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS when it comes to credit card debt. Call now to learn how a lawyer can help regardless of your financial situation, credit score and without  incurring additional debt or monthly expenses.

One-On-one Support. Let us show you:

  • How using a lawyer is affordable and may even cost less than your minimum credit card payments.
  • How decisive action and a lawyer may solve your credit card debt problems.
  • How much you could reduce your credit card debt.
  • How to hire a lawyer to represent your interests.
  • How it may be possible to dismiss all your credit card debt.
  • Why credit card companies use lawyers and so should you.
  • How to stop harassing telephone calls today.
You can have a legal solution to your credit card debts with a private, compassionate phone call at absolutely no cost or obligation.

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Credit Cards and Unsecured Debt

Credit cards are one of the most common purchasing tools used by consumers.  Because of this, credit card companies engage in unfair and deceptive practices designed to attract, and keep, you as a customer. Credit Card Companies also engage in abusive tactics to collect debt.   If your lender or Credit Card Company has done any of the following, contact us today. We can help you with your debt.

  • Failed to post payments timely or properly
  • Contacted your employer without consent and revealed information regarding your debt
  • Falsely represented the amount or legal status of your debt to credit reporting agencies
  • Misrepresented that a debt collection attempt is from an attorney
  • Led you to believe that debts would be waived or forgiven if you accept a settlement offer
  • Threatened to enforce any action with the knowledge that such action is not legal or does not exists
  • Initiated contact with such frequency or at unusual hours that can reasonably be considered harassing
  • Offered an attractive promotion period that ended with fees and penalties
  • Unfairly billing consumers for identity and credit monitoring products
  • Enrolled you into debt protection or monitoring services
  • Charged fees for collecting late-payments or stacked late fees
  • Allocated payments to lower interest rate debt before higher interest debt
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